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Betrayal Trauma

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

The experience of betrayal is earth shattering.

You may feel as though you are never going to be okay again. Everything in your world has changed. I understand. I’ve been right where you are at today. Restoration and freedom from the pain you are experiencing is possible. Whether the betrayal you have experienced is sexual or financial, you need someone who will:

- Provide competent, compassionate, hopeful, evidenced-based care.

- Listen to your story and how you’ve been hurt.

- Understand how deep your betrayal wounds are.

- Hear how the world is now triggering for you and help you learn how to navigate it with your new reality post betrayal.

- Care about your heart, your recovery from betrayal, and your full restoration.

- Support you whether you decide to stay in your relationship or not.

Counseling can provide all of these things. You do not need to wade through the messy process of healing alone.

Sexual and financial betrayal cause injuries that are similar to post-traumatic stress. Your safety, life, and stability have been knocked completely off balance. Healing from these devastating wounds is too much to navigate alone. Through counseling and journeying through the healing process with a professional counselor, you will find hope and discover a meaningful life after betrayal. The broken promises, heart-wrenching discoveries, and myriad of losses do not need to be the end of your story. As Brene’ Brown tells us, “when we own the story, we can write a brave new ending”.

"“This is your time and place, Princess Warrior, to do the hard work of rebuilding. You will take charge, and over time, you will reclaim what is rightly yours: your identity, your future, your health, your personality, and your life.” - Mary Ellen Mann


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