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Become who you were designed to be

Counseling and taking the time to look inward is one of the most courageous acts you can undertake. Creating a safe, comfortable, and welcoming place to heal is integral to moving forward. Whether your world has been shattered by betrayal, you are navigating the challenges of divorce, are trying to strengthen or save your marriage, or are overcome with anxiety and feelings of not being enough, there is space here to hold your story. Alongside you, we can explore the work of real and lasting change. Counseling represents a person solidly in your corner, holding understanding and hope for you until you can hold it for yourself. Showing up as yourself, in the midst of your own story and truth, is exactly the courage needed to begin the journey.

Couples                    Counseling

Growth through adversity

Relational distress presents itself as one of the greatest challenges and opportunities in our adult lives. If you find yourself wondering if your partner really loves you, is committed to you, if you are really important to them, or what work could be done to create a stronger bond, there could be some important areas to explore in your relationship. 


When both partners are willing to emotionally and physically show up with a counselor who provides a non-judgmental perspective, a new light shines on the relationship.

My goal is to create a safe and accepting environment where together we identify the cycles that the two of you get caught up in. Reframing the cycle as the "enemy" instead of each other allows healing changes to take place. Better understanding of each other, as well as new ways of interacting, create real and lasting healing. These new patterns create greater opportunity to feel heard, understood, loved, and connected. The work you do together lasts long after your counseling sessions have ended.



Counseling groups are effective and can greatly contribute to your healing and sense of well-being.  They offer support, friendship, and a safe place to share and not feel alone.  Some of the benefits of group counseling include an instant support network, lower costs, companionship, and understanding based on shared struggles.


My practice offers two different counseling groups.  These groups each meet weekly for 90 minutes.  The first is for those navigating the challenges of divorce.  The second is for partners who have experienced sexual betrayal.  Both of these groups offer a safe, supportive, educational, and healing environment. 


Wait lists are currently being compiled for the next session of each of these groups.

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