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As a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, my mission is to walk alongside you on your path towards wholeness. I provide knowledge, safety, and comfort while you show up as your courageous self.


      I’m so glad you found me and I look forward to hearing from you.  The courage and strength you’ve already shown by looking into counseling is such a big step.   Turbulent times in life, whether they are caused by a disconnected relationship, painful life transitions, someone else’s behaviors, or struggles with anxiety or depression, can be too much to navigate on your own.  Counseling provides a safe place to process the challenges, emotions, and new experiences that accompany growth.   It is my professional mission to help you find peace and wholeness and to be your partner in healing.   You will re-claim your life and discover who you are meant to be, regardless of your struggles or how deeply you have been hurt.   I have evening and Saturday appointments available to accommodate your busy schedule, which may either be booked online or over the phone.   

About Me Description

“You are amazing for taking this difficult journey. My respect and admiration for you go beyond what I can express. I want to help in any way that makes you know that I am with you and you are safe with me.”

Mary Ellen Mann, Mann Counseling Group

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